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Pricing Solutions


Winning doesn't have to be painful

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Chameleon Technology Partners (CTP) knows how competitive the contracting environment is and we are committed to creating a compliant and compelling cost volume (CV) and pricing strategy for your company. We offer a full range of proposal solutions, including:

  • Basis of Estimate (BOE)

  • Bottoms-up Level of Effort (LOE) Estimates

  • Labor Category and Descriptions

  • Price Build-ups/Labor Rate Justification (CV)

  • Price Model Development

  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) & Integrated Master Schedule (IMS)

  • Cost/Price Volume Development

Our pricing consultants are well-trained in pricing proposals and have the ability to work with a wide-range of clients. We understand the challenges that are present with pricing and we possess the talent and skills to overcome those challenges to develop a competitive and compliant pricing

Competitiveness and Strategy

CTP will assist you with achieving the competitive range for the type of opportunity you are pursuing. Though the client has the ultimate decision in regards to price and the various cost elements, as your advisors, we will team with you to review any components that could be approached differently to better your bid. We will develop a pricing model, which captures the major aspects of cost and price development including calculation of multiple indirect cost rates and the factors affecting indirect costs. There are certain strategies and methods that can be applied to ensure the price is appropriate for the opportunity. For LPTA, having any non-required cost elements as part of a proposal will most likely lead to a loss. For Best Value, knowing how to assess your differentiators is just as important as ensuring you are bidding within the competitive range.

Accuracy and Compliance

CTP will review all pricing to ensure its integrity. Depending upon the complexity of an opportunity, different formulas must be used appropriately and consistently while any information pulled from other areas in the model must be precisely targeted to ensure an accurate price. All cost elements are identified and appropriately accounted for during our review of the opportunity. These elements are then populated into a uniquely prepared pricing model for our clients. The typical output of the model is either a direct submission requirement or is used to complete a provided evaluation model such as a government price evaluation model.